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This memorial page was inspired by and dedicated to June Yvonne (Gabourie) Spanton [1927-2011] whose daughter, Lise, is a double liver transplant survivor.

This page contains a list of those who have donated in memory of someone impacted by the issue of organ transplantation.

In Memory Of: Donations Gratefully Received From: Comments:
Anthony (Tony) Mackey
James Baird
Ron & Janet Beer
Aubrey & Barbara Brenton
Brian Butt
James Crane
Christine Doody
Scott & Cathy Downey
Heather Gibbons
Craig Gill
Noreen & Donald Jackman
Colin & Beverley Janes
Janeway Diagnostic Imaging
Mary C. Kavanagh
Andrea Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. D. Mackey
Francis Mackey & Family
Sonya Mackey
Ken Martin
Carol Negrijn
Myles & Angela Philpot
Prince Philip Drive Medical Incorporated
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
Maria Ryan
Michael Sparrow
Michael Swain
Carmel Turpin
Jim & Arlene
Bryn Naundorf
Rhonda, Jim, Zach, & Erin Brewer
Karen Dembicki
Mary Dembicki
Ted & Kelsey Fellows
Elegard Ginther
Becky Harish
Mary Harish
Melvin & Trudy Kadatz
Nancy Luyckfassel
Kathleen McLeod
Rosemary Murphy
Brian Naundorf
Elmer & Ruth Naundorf
Gordon & Joyce Nelson
Janet Parisian
Brian & Diana Rozak
Carl & Irene Schoepp
Paula Schoepp-Petrovic
Harry & Adeline Shaigec
Peggy Templeman
Karen Thorgeirsen
Dr. William A. Bridger Janet Colter
Wayne & Leanne Gayford
Doug & Lorraine Gill
Patrick Welch Cliff & Deborah Thompson
Audra Sher Max Greatrix
Daniel Lewis Lisa Snow
Steve Slemko Vicky Clark
Jeff & Bev Scales
Nancy Grossi Luci Iannaci
Sharon Hash  David Bichan-Terrell
Frank & Heather Girodat Lorrie Pegelo
Gina Robinson Jenise Dagostini
Scott “Randy” Young  Helen Turner
Claire Struss  Anonymous
Sharon Dorothy Spady   Larry & Sharon Morrison
Pamela Macaulay  Anonymous
Vasanthi Kumari Bhat  Anantha Bhat
Susheela Reddy
Nelson Deneau  Anonymous
Al Morrison  Lorne Scott
Elena Morgante  Anonymous
Cheryl Jacques  Peter Aykroyd
Dianne Goguen  Pauline Barter
Laurie King  Anonymous
Gary Joseph Pittman  Terence Malone
Rev. Angus MacDonald  Frank Maxwell
Dr. William Bridger  Rosemarie Gattiker
Angela Marie Gratton Peeter Walker
Irene Iturregui
Joseph Iturregui
Dylan D’Hulster  Jim Robson
Anthony B. White  Colin Regamey
Maria Rodriguez Diane Summers
Raymond Eric Jonasson  Wanda Hodges
Lee Morehouse  Anonymous
Michael Chwastiak  Justin Erdman
Trevor Strueby  Karen Rawlyk
Keith Rupka Anonymous
Mary (Varanese) McCall Anonymous
Patricia Anne Sterling Anonymous
Marvin Meissner Anonymous
Brent Hall  Mary & Tom Dugal
Biomedica Diagnostics Inc
Laureen Matai Jean Priddell
Sharon Lynn Sowles  Kathy Ough
Mike Hepburn Kim Ormerod and Girls
Curtis Johnston Elmer Tuominen
Bruce Daniel Switzer  Anonymous
Charles James Coe Anonymous
Amy Dawn (Singleton) Vickers Cathy Bresson
Charlene Miller
Mary Stewart
Barb Rushton
Tracy Pitre
Megan Doucette
Lauren Andrews  Robert S. K. Welch
Colleen Graham
Leone Strilec
Norphy Rossetto
Sandra Ranton
Dan & Alice Sirard
Pamela Black
Elaine Richard
Stephen Collette  Janet Bourgeois
Moncton Kennel Club
Margaret Anne Woodside
Jack W. Spanton Bonnie Goldstein
Susan & David Knight
Linda & Steven Farkas
Blair & Kathy Stewart
Ryan J. Christoff  Fred & Marsha Marcus
Bruce Daniel Switzer  Anonymous
Lauren Catharine MacPherson Andrews  Alexander MacPherson
John Donna Collins
Karen Dickinson
Arthur Jacques  Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP
Nadine & Izhak Goldhaber
Lynda Livergant
Ms. Bonnie Goldstein
Marilyn Burke
Elaine, Marty, & David
Shibley Righton LLP
Steven Rogul, Rivi Miller & Family
 ”Our condolences” – Nadine & Izhak Goldhaber”Our deepest condolences on your loss. ” – Steven Rogul, Rivi Miller & Family
Hamid Seifzadeh Farnaz Rostami
Oranous Sobhi
The Seyedi Family
“Piper” Delaney DeMay
 Frank Dearlove Jillian Rowland
Cale Ferguson  Anonymous
Mark Ruttan  Jason Ruttan “This evening my family with be having dinner at my fathers house with my father. My father had a liver transplant over a decade ago and we thank the anonymous donor everyday, every year, and every Christmas. THANK YOU from the Ruttan family. Here are some pointers, which should be kept in mind snap this link right now for making an effective editing 1. “
Patrick Welch  Anonymous
Jim Robson Dylan D’Hulster
Dean Wyatt Alarcon Carreon  Aimee Alarcon-Jumeras
Tracey and Stephane LeBlanc Anonymous
Jimi-Jo Pewapisconias Reuben Wasacase
The Bening Family  Anonymous
Cynthia Davies  Alan Dafoe
Wendy George  Anonymous
Yvonne Faulkner Jamieson Laboratories Ltd.
Cody MacIntosh  Deb & Earl Hagman “In honour of our nephew in law, a true hero who received new lungs right at xmas in 2016 as a special gift as he was dying with Cystic Frbrosis. Cody MacIntosh. a special guy, strong and brave. almost thirty. “
Geraldine Mary Williston   Southbridge Care Homes
Annette Lamotte Donna Prenger

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