Wayne Tanenbaum

President of H. Wayne Companies, Inc.
Chairman Grosvenor Capital Investors
President H. Wayne Tanenbaum Charitable Foundation

Mr. Tanenbaum has been for many years a philanthropic and innovative gentleman who has contributed to Canadian enterprise very generously. He was also instrumental in building Ontario’s own “golden gate” - the Burlington skyway. We are proud to have Mr. Tanenbaum as an advisor to our cause.

Katherine Van de Mark

President, Landmark Communications Inc.

A queen’s university graduate in political science Katherine is the President of Landmark Communications Inc., a corporate communications company Katherine founded in 1988. Here is what her clients have to say about her: “Landmark always comes through”, Coca Cola Ltd. “ You and your team were a huge help to me”, Macdonald’s Inc. “ ...pulling off a small miracle”, Cisco Systems Inc. Executive producer of “A New Lise on Life” and one of the founding directors of the society -What more can we say about this consummate professional?

Dr.Graham Turrall


Graham has been a practicing clinical psychologist in Toronto for many years. He is also a double lung transplant recipient. Who better to advise our group than a gentleman of Graham’s stature with his professional and personal experiences and as a founding member of the board we look to Graham for his guidance especially in the way we approach some of the delicate issues we face in order to achieve our goals. Look for Graham in the documentary, “A New Lise on Life”.

Sami Siddique, MASc., PhD Candidate

Founder, Inventmode
Research Engineer, Princess Margaret Hospital
Graduate Student, University of Toronto

Sami Siddique is a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Toronto. He is an Internet guru, a serial entrepreneur and has founded several companies including Synaptop, Inventmode and Shop N Chill. He is currently finishing up his PhD in novel methods for high-precision image guidance during surgery and radiation therapy.

Marlys Edwardh, L.S.M

Marlys is without a doubt one of Canada’s premiere champions of justice. When Marlys takes it on, it’s a done deal. With her years of experience with the legal and governmental issues, and a 24/7 schedule, we are proud to have her experience and expertise.

Joseph E. Martin

Director of Canadian Business History
Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy and Executive in Residence
Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto

Professor Martin is a Harvard graduate and is well known for his best selling book “Relentless Change“. His financial, consulting and investment career background is an invaluable asset to our organization.

Joanne Rose, BA, CLU, CFP, CSA

Co-founder and Principal, usefulideas®

Joanne is a co-founder and Principal of usefulideas®. She is a graduate of Queen’s University. Joanne is both a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Chartered Financial Planner. Joanne is past Chair of and founding member of Reach for the Rainbow, Kolel the adult Jewish Learning Centre, a founding member of the Forest Hill Jewish Centre, alumni of the Wexner Heritage Foundation as well as serving on a number of other community board positions. Joanne enjoys spending time with her young grandchildren in Toronto. She is an active member of her community, in fundraising, education and hospitality.