Our Mission

Founded in 2009, the Canadian Transplant Society is dedicated to furthering the goals of transplant medicine across Canada.

Our Objectives

  • Increase awareness for organ donation.
  • Encourage Canadians to register to be an organ donor and save lives.
  • Eliminate the organ donor wait list for transplants in Canada.
  • To build on organ donation registries across Canada.
  • To make lifesaving organ transplant units available to all provinces.
  • To supply any other needed equipment or service that benefits organ donation


Produced 3 Public Service Announcements that have aired  Nationally for years.
We Have a Public Service Announcement airing across Canada now.
Answered more than 6000 questions by email or phone regarding organ donation
Answered more than 10.000 questions face to face.
We have helped to Register or Have Pledge, Thousands of Canadians
Distributed  thousands and thousands of Brochures about the importance of becoming an organ donor.


  • Every year too many people die while waiting for an organ donation.
  • Over 1,600 Canadians are added to organ wait lists yearly.
  • A 90% majority of Canadians support organ and tissue donation but less than 20% have made plans to donate.
  • One donor can benefit more than 75 people and save up to 8 lives.
  • Canadian Transplant Society is a registered Canadian charity (807050620RR0001)


When polled, over 81% of Canadians respond by saying they would donate their organs and tissues. However, less than 20% of Canadians have made arrangements to donate their organs and tissues.

By working with various media production agencies, we aim to deliver our message to the public through radio, television, film, print, and online advertising.


We aim to ensure that all Canadians make these life-saving decisions upon renewing their driver’s license or their health card.

Initiate Change

Changing the way people think is only one facet of our mission. Our goal is to ensure that every Canadian knows about organ and tissue donation and that everyone signs their donor cards.

Together we can eradicate wait lists and save the lives of hundreds of Canadians of all ages.

You can help save a life!
  1. Pledge to be an organ donor.
  2. Tell your family and friends of your wishes to be an organ donor.
  3. Give us your comments and suggestions. We welcome them!
  4. Any donation you may consider giving helps move us closer to our goal of eliminating the transplant waiting list in Canada so that no more Canadians die waiting for a transplant.